The Spirit That Is You Course

These online courses are specifically focused towards those on a spiritual life path looking to enhance their knowledge as well as those whom are struggling with the earth energy and trying to understand how to navigate their emotional, physical and spiritual changes.  Each course covers a different topic to enlighten and reassure anyone during this beautiful but challenging time on earth.  Perfect for teens and adults alike, these online classes present various materials and topics to assist you on your journey of discovering The Spirit That Is You.

Course 1 – The Ascension Process and The 3rd chakra (Solar Plexus) – This course extensively covers:

  • The Meaning of the spiritual ascension process
  • Why we are experiencing this on earth at this time
  • The history of the ascension process/spiritual awakening
  • Physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms
  • How to manage the changes
  • Ways to cope and move through the process easier
  • What is the 3rd chakra
  • Signs that the 3rd chakra is healthy
  • Imbalances in the 3rd chakra
  • How to clear the 3rd chakra
  • Integrating the energy from your awakening process to achieve optimal balance

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