Align With The Stars

Each month center your spirit with AstroloYoga(TM). This unique technique combines celestial alignments and the earth’s electromagnetic field with physical postures, mantras, breathing techniques, mudras and meditations to create physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Why is this important?

The universal energy (celestial and magnetic fields) share the same energy as our personal physical electromagnetic field. We are the universe. Our bodies are made from star dust. Each atom, element and the foundation for human life shares the same elements and structure as the stars we look up at each night. The same energy that lights up a star is inside of each of the atoms of our bodies.

Learning to work with this energy is key for optimal balance in your mind, body and soul. From the farthest star in our universe to the core of the beautiful earth we walk upon, it is all connected.

Join me each month as we move through the energy each and cultivate balance and strength.

Alone we are strong. Together we are unstoppable

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